Blowhammer Statement

We believe in passion on making arts, for it faces the commonplaces with full freedom of expression. Our products are inspired by the street and digital art, by the urban style, by unconventional artists and people. Each item is unique and conveys a strong and original personality.
All these characteristics make the Italian underground Blowhammer brand perfect for those who love art and want to wear artworks.


A constantly growing team composed by people willing to improve together.

Salvatore Sinigaglia
Founder and CEO
Egidio Manganiello
General Manager
Francesco Aruta
Digital Artist
Giuseppe Celentano
Digital Artist
Alfonso Discepolo
Digital Artist
Mario Licciardi
IT Manager
Paolo Celotto
Web Marketing Manager
Carmine Zarrillo
Web Marketing Manager
Giuseppe Finelli
Marketplace Account Manager
Angelo Campomaggiore
Logistic Division
Giuseppe Buonanno
Logistic Division
Luca Mosca
Logistic Division
Gianluca Sinigaglia
Logistic Division Manager
Pasquale Grillo
Print Specialist