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  • Bad intentions for next year.

    Bad intentions for next year.

    What do you do on New Year's Eve? Here’s the question that everyone is asking and no one wants to hear.

    We have reached the end of another year and everybody is boring us with invitations to parties and with an invitation to make a list of what will be our good intentions for the next 365 days. Thats enough! We do not like the banalities, so we try to suggest breaking the rules and creating a completely new list, made of bad intentions for 2019.

  • Santa is a vandal.

    Santa is a vandal.

    He got long beard, glasses and his outfit is really amazing. He drives a bizarre car, got a lot of strange objects and weird friends. And he’s not a hipster.

    Some people call him Santa, some people doesn’t believe in him. But he become a symbol for one of the most expected events of the year. The “red fat guy” it’s an icon, the perfect mix between good intentions and badness and that’s why he’s so interesting.

  • Black Friday, don’t forget the shopping.

    Black Friday, don’t forget the shopping.

    It’s worldwide famous as the “black” Friday but its name has not a negative meaning. Black Friday is one of the most awaited day and event of the year, especially for shopping maniacs. Do you know what’s the origin of the Black Friday? Discover it with us.
    There are different theories, one of this is that due to the fact that black Friday comes after the Thanksgiving day, in the USA the streets were full of cars. This made that Friday one of the most traffic congested, dangerous and polluted (black) days of the year.

  • A scary Halloween to everybody!

    A scary Halloween to everybody!

    The scariest night of the year is coming, are you ready for one of the most awaited events of the year?

    We have done our carved pumpkin, our team is wearing their best zombie masks and tonight we will go to an amazing Halloween party. Can’t wait for it!
    But Halloween it’s not just spiderwebs and werewolves, it’s also an inspiration for art, music, movies and style, do you agree with us? Here are some curiosities (and some advice) for making your scary night unforgettable.

  • Jean-Baptiste Chandelier: the Peter Pan of paragliding

    Jean-Baptiste Chandelier: the Peter Pan of paragliding

    “Imagine if you could be weightless, flying from one place to another, walking on water, running across the city and among the crowds”, says Jean-Baptiste Chandelier with the light in his eyes. We all dreamed of being a bit like Peter Pan: forever young and with the ability to fly from one place to another. In his "Weightless" project, Chandelier takes us around the world flying, just like Peter Pan.