Bad intentions for next year.

Bad intentions for next year.

What do you do on New Year's Eve? Here’s the question that everyone is asking and no one wants to hear.

We have reached the end of another year and everybody is boring us with invitations to parties and with an invitation to make a list of what will be our good intentions for the next 365 days. Thats enough! We do not like the banalities, so we try to suggest breaking the rules and creating a completely new list, made of bad intentions for 2019.

# 1 Try to arrive late: work, gym, appointments, our life it’s too marked by time. Stress accumulates and without a calendar you risk going crazy. Not to mention the anger that comes when you arrive on time and others do not. Try to relax and wait like the real stars. You will find out that nothing happens.

# 2 Turn off notifications: ding! Ding! Ding! With these damn active notifications everywhere we have smartphones, smartwatches and constantly vibrating laptops. Enough, log out on all devices and try going out to make a real friend request to new people. You will find out that life exists outside of social networks.

# 3 Practice an extreme sport: extreme sports are dangerous. Bullshits. Who has never launched from a parachute plane, who has never fallen underwater, who has never done parkour or has not climbed on a board, skate or longboard, has no idea of the emotions a well done trick can give you. Wear something comfortable and go to the park. If you fall and you hurt yourself, you will discover that scars are medals to show to friends.

# 4 Try to tell the whole truth: education and netiquette teach us that sometimes it is better not to say everything we think about something or someone. How boring. If we do not like something, we do not like it. Stop. Try to give your real opinion about a fact or a person and you will discover the thrill of being eliminated from someone's friendships.

# 5 Don’t respect the rules: not even those of this article. Go to an elegant party showing off sportswear, speak with a full mouth, do not comb your hair, write everything in capital letters, write on a wall at night, don’t choose the best friends but the ones you want. Do everything your way. You will discover the sense of our way of seeing the world, all enclosed in a phrase that we like to use:

"Shape your way!"