Black Friday, don’t forget the shopping.

Black Friday, don’t forget the shopping.

It’s worldwide famous as the “black” Friday but its name has not a negative meaning. Black Friday is one of the most awaited day and event of the year, especially for shopping maniacs. Do you know what’s the origin of the Black Friday? Discover it with us.
There are different theories, one of this is that due to the fact that black Friday comes after the Thanksgiving day, in the USA the streets were full of cars. This made that Friday one of the most traffic congested, dangerous and polluted (black) days of the year.

The second theory was that retailers and business owners were used to take note of profits on black books.
The black Friday become very popular in the ‘20s, when Macy’s organized his first parade to celebrate Christmas discounts.
Today, especially for online purchasers, is a special occasion to get every kind of things at a lower price.

Someone stays awaken all night long with his finger on the mouse, other people are ready to climb on a crowded mall just to spend less money.

A lot of people pretend to be sick just to take job leave and stay at home in front of their pc and shop as much as they can. During last years, a lot of companies decided to make the Black Friday last for more than one week.
Black Friday world record was set in the United States in 2013 with a spending of more than 57,4 mld USD. And don’t forget that after black Friday it comes the… Cyber Monday!
Are you looking for special discounts?

Don’t forget Black Fiday and purchase now! Ready for shopping?