Santa is a vandal.

Santa is a vandal.

He got long beard, glasses and his outfit is really amazing. He drives a bizarre car, got a lot of strange objects and weird friends. And he’s not a hipster.

Some people call him Santa, some people doesn’t believe in him. But he become a symbol for one of the most expected events of the year. The “red fat guy” it’s an icon, the perfect mix between good intentions and badness and that’s why he’s so interesting.

He delivers presents but he comes down from the chimney like a thief. He asks you to write a letter with your desires but he never ships what you asked for. Santa’s one of the funniest, pop and world famous charachters of history.

Maybe that’s why a lot of artists decided to rappresent him in their masterpieces on the walls.

Let’s discover some of the best Santa’s graffiti around the world.

Mas Graffiti zombie Santa. From:

Chemis, in Prague, Christmas VS Breaking Bad. From:

Santa’s crisis by WD in Athens From:



PichiAvo in Valencia. From:

Snowmen by Sky High in Croydon. Fonte:

And you? How will you draw Santa?

Show us your ideas!

Merry Christmas and… shape your holidays!