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  • Blowhammer presents the new swimwear collection

    Blowhammer presents the new swimwear collection

    Even though the weather has left much to be desired this May, it is inevitable to fantasize while waiting for this imminent summer.

  • Blowhammer: logo, brand, identity

    Blowhammer: logo, brand, identity

    Identity is the set of characteristics that make each of us unique and unmistakable.
    The uniqueness of Blowhammer is recognized in its logo and in the importance it has for the brand to transmit its values.

    The logo has been designed starting from the simple and minimal shape of a triangle, a simple figure that wants to transmit, a feeling of attention and curiosity.
    Therefore to find out what the Blowhammer logo hides we have to stop for a minute to observe it with attentive eyes, eyes that want to unmask the thousand facets that a seemingly simple figure can hide.

  • An introspective journey in the art of Giovanni Maisto

    An introspective journey in the art of Giovanni Maisto

    Each of us, as a child, has discovered a fantasy world finding himself with his eyes closed, absorbed in the soft lines and vivid colors that cause the light of the Sun, after observing it for a few seconds. It may seem trivial, but it is from the simple things like this that the strongest passions can born. In fact this is exactly how Giovanni Maisto discovers that: “The sense of wonder and awe that I experienced drawing was matched only by sunlight.”

  • The new Blowhammer Blog is wired

    The new Blowhammer Blog is wired

    Today we are inviting you to take part to a new cycle of our unpredictable adventure. We created a space in which we will discuss about the interests, ideals and passions that bind us. You can access to all the contents visiting the “Blog” section, which is divided in two parts: Urban Life and Inside Blowhammer. Urban Life is a space in which you will find all the latest news about the underground style in the arts, music and sport. On the other side, in the section Inside Blowhammer you can stay updated on all the news about our brand.