An introspective journey in the art of Giovanni Maisto

An introspective journey in the art of Giovanni Maisto

Each of us, as a child, has discovered a fantasy world finding himself with his eyes closed, absorbed in the soft lines and vivid colors that cause the light of the Sun, after observing it for a few seconds. It may seem trivial, but it is from the simple things like this that the strongest passions can born. In fact this is exactly how Giovanni Maisto discovers that: “The sense of wonder and awe that I experienced drawing was matched only by sunlight.”

The importance for Blowhammer to give a voice and to integrate art and artists led the two to meet and merge their passion, bringing life to the collections: Daydream Illusion and Organik.

These two projects are the result of the union of two similar artistic minds,which operate in different fields: the mind linked to clothing of the Blowhammer brand and the concept art of the artist Giovanni Maisto. Both of them are brought together by the desire to create something that could show that diversity does not hurt or fear, but rather it allows the birth of something unique.

The Organik collection is born to the rhythm of electronic music, with the soundtrack of Torn by Daft Punk, and it gets its inspiration from Robert Miles. It takes shape in Giovanni Maistos studio, who wanted to give importance to two essential aspects for each other, but diametrically opposed: the earthly sphere which includes man, reduced to his uttermost essence, clothed only with his blood vessels, on one side; on the other, the sphere of the divine and of the abstract, which reveals itself from above enveloped in a purely digital aura.

Organik Giovanni Maisto

On the other hand the Daydream Illusion is a collection that is nothing short of introspective: it wants to give importance to the analysis of oneself in the spiritual phase. It expresses lightness, thanks to the slender and sinuous lines that outline the female bodies and the illustrated faces. The liquid component wants to give dynamism and increase the softness of the design.

Daydream Illusion

“If it is a commission or a personal project, I think that the secret is always the same: to love all the time spent working and to believe in it.” Maisto said, fully grasping one of Blowhammer core values.

So remember, you who are reading, that the shirt you have carefully folded in your closet, or that you are going to buy, wants to promote the essential values of Blowhammer and you are helping us to do so.