Blowhammer: logo, brand, identity

Blowhammer: logo, brand, identity

Identity is the set of characteristics that make each of us unique and unmistakable.
The uniqueness of Blowhammer is recognized in its logo and in the importance it has for the brand to transmit its values.

The logo has been designed starting from the simple and minimal shape of a triangle, a simple figure that wants to transmit, a feeling of attention and curiosity.
Therefore to find out what the Blowhammer logo hides we have to stop for a minute to observe it with attentive eyes, eyes that want to unmask the thousand facets that a seemingly simple figure can hide.

Be ready to amaze yourself with your own eyes. At first glance what catches one's eye is a monogram that contains and merges the two letters of the name: BH, but let’s dig deeper. Looking more closely we discover a stratagem, which wants to present itself as a real challenge between the brand and its audience: by rotating the triangle in various directions, it is possible to read all the letters containing the word Blowhammer. This is because the logo, such as the brand, is much more than what we can apparently see.

This is the reason why in the official Blowhammer pattern the logo follows in different directions.

Gif Logo Blowhammer

The color black was chosen for two reasons: to make the presentation of the brand clean and linear, and to balance the vivid and colorful graphics that characterize the brand's collections.

Concept logo blowhammer

This project has indeed been very successful in graphic design, both Italian and international. He has collected several consents on several fronts and has been published in several blogs, magazines and books, for example: Designideas, Logoinspiration, Thearthunters, Experimenta Magazine, Logolounge 9, Logo Decore, Geometric Graphics, Branding Elements Logos 4, Logo Talks III, Typefaces.

Logo Blowhammer

The logo has also received two featured in the special Behance galleries and the Best Branding 2017 prize at the Creativepool, held in London last spring: it has received a special mention at the International Design Awards in 2017 in the Logo design category.

The purpose and challenge of this logo, created by the brand designer Maurizio Pagnozzi, was to create a brand that could be iconic and memorable, in line with the revolutionary spirit of the target. But above all, it wanted to best express the true identity of Blowhammer.