The new Blowhammer Blog is wired

The new Blowhammer Blog is wired

Today we are inviting you to take part to a new path of our unpredictable adventure. We created a space in which we will discuss about the interests, ideals and passions that bind us. You can access to all the contents visiting the “Blog” section, which is divided in two parts: Urban Life and Inside Blowhammer. Urban Life is a space in which you will find all the latest news about the underground style in the arts, music and sport. On the other side, in the section Inside Blowhammer you can stay updated on all the news about our brand.

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Your point of view is very important for us, let us know what you think about the topics. We hope that this brand new section can be a place of exchange and comparison, in order to allow us to grow more everyday also thank to you!

Is well known that when the mind of an artist is limited or underestimated by his own peers, he motivates himself to do their very best. Not to gain notoriety, but rather because an artist wants to create, experience and most of all he looks up to break all the boundaries. An artist is eccentric and revolutionary, it’s creativity, it’s love.

This is how Blowhammer begins its journey. It borns from a dream, from the desire to get outside the box and create.

In the beginning Blowhammer it had been closed in the drawer by the artist who would have given him life. The reason why we limit our dreams in drawers is simple: we don’t believe enough in ourselves to think we can do it. However, we all know that dreams don’t come true on their own. As soon as the artist gained confidence and self esteem, he also found the courage to finally open up the drawer and began following his dream. Only at this point he got to know himself, his potential, his art. The way we should imagine this particular artist it’s quite simple: he is like a little kid who does whatever he can to become an astronaut, a pilot, a superhero. In this case the superhero has a spray-paint can in his hands, a flaked skateboard, worn wheels and art in his heart, unaware of being changing the world.

Therefore let’s get this straight: whenever you’re wearing Blowhammer you must know that what you’re actually wearing it isn’t simple fabric: it’s a dream that came true, it’s the result of the passion that the most anonymous superhero has managed to convey to each of us.